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Atlanta Allergy Pollen Count for 09/29/2020: 13
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Mold Activity for 09/29/2020:

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Tips for Surviving High Pollen

Updated on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Blog

As the temperatures outside continue to rise, so will the pollen count! Here are some tips for surviving those high pollen count days:

  • Keep your car and house windows closed; run the air conditioner (recycled setting) instead.

  • Change or clean your air filters regularly.

  • Shower before going to bed or when you get home. Pollen can settle into your hair and onto your clothes and skin, so a shower will keep you from breathing in pollen all night.

  • Wear sunglasses/glasses to keep pollen out of your eyes.

  • Remove shoes upon entering your home.

  • Wash off indoor pets’ paws and wipe down their fur with a damp cloth or towel if they’ve been outdoors. Pets can easily track pollen into your home, leaving it on your carpets and furniture.

  • Pollen counts tend to be highest during mid-day. Adjust outdoor activities accordingly.

  • If you have outdoor plans, take your allergy medication before going out. Don’t wait until you have symptoms.

  • Follow Atlanta Allergy's daily pollen count and/or sign up to receive a daily email with the count and the pollen contributors. You may need to adjust your outdoor activities during peak pollen days.

  • Visit a board-certified allergist for an accurate diagnosis. Learn what is triggering your symptoms and receive a customized treatment plan targeting your specific allergens.

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