2016 Blog


Delta: Cashews, Instead of Peanuts, Won't Make Allergy Patients Safer

This past week, Delta Airlines announced that it was testing new in-flight snacks on some routes out of Atlanta and Minneapolis. Part of that test includes offering cashews in place of peanuts. If Delta’s intent is to make their food allergic customers safer, their efforts although well meaning, are misguided based on science.


Pollen Season – How Bad Was It? Is It Over?

We are often asked “Is this the worst one yet?” Well, worst is a relative term and depends on the criteria by which you compare.

2016 Food Allergy News: Early Exposure May Prevent Peanut Allergies

Food allergies are a big concern for anyone who has kids, and at Atlanta Allergy & Asthma, we talk to parents about this issue every day. No one wants their children to have to go through life with a food allergy, but is there a way to prevent them? In the case of peanut allergies, there has been encouraging news this year. Two new studies provided further evidence that exposing children to peanuts early in life may stop them from developing an allergy later.


Keep Your Allergies in Check During Pregnancy

From the moment you find out you will be a mother, your protective instincts kick in, thinking about how to keep your baby safe. As mother of a newborn baby and a toddler myself, I know that from the first trimester on, you immediately start to wonder what you can do to protect your baby. Is there anything you are doing that is harmful?