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Year-Round Allergy Symptoms? There Are Very Effective Treatment Options for One of the Most Common Indoor Allergens.

Dust mites may be the most common symptom trigger of year-round allergies and asthma. If you have allergic rhinitis triggered by house dust mites, you may feel like you have a cold that lasts all year!


What Is an EpiPen and Who Needs It?

Cost and access to EpiPens has been in the news for some time and we are still facing shortages today. We asked Atlanta Allergy & Asthma physician Dr. Lily Hwang to talk about who needs this drug and how to make sure you have access if it is medically necessary.


Tips for Surviving High Pollen

As the temperatures continue to rise, so will the pollen count! Here are some tips for surviving those high pollen count days.


Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Welcomes Steven Gottlieb, D.O.

Dr. Gottlieb’s path to caring for patients with allergic diseases and asthma began in medical school. Each year he would leave for Des Moines University, tissues in hand, seeking refuge in the air conditioning because of his ragweed-induced itchy eyes and stuffy nose. As his education and training continued, he sought out elective rotations in allergy/immunology. His exposure to the field of allergy confirmed that this was the area of medicine where he would specialize and then spend his life caring for patients with allergic diseases, asthma, and immune disorders.