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Atlanta Allergy & Asthma’s Dr. Kathleen Sheerin Appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up” on WSB Radio

Updated on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Kathleen A. Sheerin, MD, a board certified allergist and one of Atlanta Allergy & Asthma's longtime physicians, returned as a guest on The Weekly Check-Up on News/Talk WSB Radio on Sunday, August 9. The weekly radio show covers a broad variety of health and wellness topics, from healthcare policy to fitness tips, through remote and in-studio interviews. Listeners frequently call into the show with questions for guests and show host, Dr. Bruce Feinberg.

Atlanta Allergy & Asthma is the largest allergy practice in Atlanta and surrounding areas, with 18 locations and 48 years serving patients with compassion and expertise. Dr. Sheerin has a special interest in food allergy and anaphylaxis and sees patients at our Lawrenceville and Sandy Springs locations.

On the August 9 show, Dr. Sheerin began by expressing the importance of people getting their flu vaccine, especially this year, as physicians will face the challenge of diagnosing flu versus COVID-19. She also discussed the health challenges her patients with allergies and asthma face returning to school during a pandemic and as fall allergy season approaches. For parents sending their kids to school, Dr. Sheerin advised they work with their specific school as well as the health and food service staff and provide an emergency care plan for children with food allergies. Parents should also have a written plan in place for students with asthma. For these students studying remotely, she stated that they too need to remain vigilant to prevent accidental food allergen exposures, and for asthmatics, exposure to triggers that cause asthma symptoms.

In the second hour, Drs. Feinberg and Sheerin discussed the first treatment for children and adolescents with peanut allergy. PALFORZIA is a powder that is manufactured from peanuts and packaged in color-coded capsules of increasing dosages that are mixed into semi-solid foods. The new therapy came to market this spring, following FDA approval and extensive clinical trials during which Atlanta Allergy & Asthma participated. Dr. Sheerin emphasized that this is not a cure, but an added layer of protection against severe allergic reactions should the patient have an accidental exposure to peanuts.

As fall allergy season picks up, Dr. Sheerin noted people should consider seeing an allergist if they feel they are having difficulty controlling their asthma, such as with frequent inhaler use, and increasing inability to exercise or even laugh without wheezing. Anyone with allergy or asthma questions or concerns should schedule a visit. For some, Televisits may be a first step, which Atlanta Allergy & Asthma offers as part of its extensive COVID protocols established to provide care for all patients during this time. Listen to Dr. Sheerin’s appearance on the Weekly Check-Up here.