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Atlanta Allergy Pollen Count for 01/15/2021: 4
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Mold Activity for 01/15/2021:

Telemedicine (TeleVisit) Appointments Are Now Available

patient holding phone for televisit

To help both our new and established patients receive care without requiring an office visit, we are now offering TeleVisits with all Atlanta Allergy & Asthma providers.

A TeleVisit allows you and your provider to discuss your current health status and reason for a visit. Much like an in-office visit, your provider will take a medical history and assess symptoms. They can renew or prescribe medications, order lab tests, and develop a treatment plan. Your provider may also recommend in-office testing at an appropriate time in the future.

TeleVisits are a safe and secure way for you to connect remotely with your provider via video and audio connection on either your smartphone or computer. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurers are waiving co-pays for telehealth visits.

Call Your Clinic for Instructions.