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Spring Is Here and We Are Here for You!

Updated on Monday, March 29, 2021

Spring is here… and we are here for you!

We are trying to help as many allergy sufferers as possible this spring season. Because high demand makes our phone schedulers very busy this time of year, we provide additional options for your convenience:

  • New patients may request an appointment through our website or call our scheduling department at 770.953.3331 and choose option 1.
  • During high call volume periods, if you'd rather not hold, you may leave a voice message, or a call-back number. The call-back option is the most convenient way to connect with a member of our scheduling team. You will often be contacted within minutes. Please remember that you must complete all THREE prompts for your number to be saved in our system:
    1. Enter your call back number and press #

    2. You will be asked to confirm you call back number. Press 1 to confirm. If incorrect, press 2 (start over)
    3. You will be asked if there is an extension needed to reach you. Press 1 if yes, 2 if no.

    Once you have completed ALL THREE steps, the system will confirm that your request has been saved.

  • Established patients may go to our website and request a follow-up appointment by filling out and submitting the electronic form. A scheduler will call to assist you with your request.
  • Referring practices/physicians may email [email protected], call the scheduling line at 770.953.3331, or fill out and submit the Referral Coordinators form on our website.
  • Our Spanish speaking patients may call the scheduling line 770.953.3331 and choose Option 5 for assistance.